The rotate modifier will rotate the children of the modifier. It will rotate all the children around the Z-Axis at the origin.

Start by adding a cube.


render the cube ( press f5 )

add the rotate transformation and render the model ( press f5 )


The cube has rotated in the clockwise direction by 10 degrees.

If you need to rotate the cube about its center, first center the cube then rotate.

cube( center = true );

You can rotate around any axis by providing a vector. Add


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  1. Dr. Robert Wolff

    ok, but how do I rotate around an axis of the cube, if the cube is neither center=true nor positioned along an axis, but somewhere in space, such as rotating translate ([12,24,36]) cube ([5,5,5]) for 35 degrees around an axis parallel to x at the distance 12 ?

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