Function Libraries

These libraries add functionality to OpenSCAD. Items like measured drawings and axis. Items that don’t contribute directly to a model but help in it’s creation.

  • Round Anything

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    Round-Anything is primarily a set of OpenSCAD utilities that help with rounding parts, but it also embodies a robust approach to developing OpenSCAD parts. The heart of the library a…

  • obiscad – OpenSCAD Library

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    Obijuan openscad tools attach bcube bevel utils vector

  • local libray – OpenSCAD Library

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    Description from github This OpenSCAD module provides a few modules that provide some functionality of local coordinate systems github clone link:

  • Dimensioned Drawings

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    Authors Description This program represents a first pass at enabling dimensioned drawings. While by no means complete, useful work can be performed with the modules included here. Website: Git Hub…