2D Primitive Shapes

  • linear_extrude()

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    Linear extrude uses a 2d shape and extrudes it along a single axis to create a 3d shape. Let.s create a basic extrusion. Create a 2d square , use square(10);…

  • rotate_extrude()

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    The rotate_extrude() command operates on 2d shapes by extruding them around the Z-axis. To create a rotated extrusion in another axis apply a transformation after the rotate_extrude operation. To create…

  • circle();

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    The circle command adds a circle using the 2D System. The basic command can be used without any parameters to create a circle() that is represented by a 5 sided…

  • square()

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    The square() object is part of the 2d system and will render a 2d square.