• OpenSCAD – CheatSheet

    Organized by skill level The cheat sheet over at OpenSCAD.org is terrific. You might want to check that out first. This version is focused on the beginner user and is…

  • Write.scad – Add 3d Text to Primitives

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    by HarlanDMii Using custom 3D Primitive commands easily add text to primitives in you OpenSCAD design. Download from Thingiverse at:

  • OpenSCAD – Electronic Packages Library

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    This is a growing library of electronic packages. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3539959

  • Duct Fittings Library

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    This is an OpenSCAD library to generate round ducting / pipe, and associated fittings. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:18802

  • hull() – hull modifier Tutorial

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    hull() is a simple command to use, merely place whatever objects from which you want to form a hull as children of the command. The hull command() merges the outermost…

  • OpenSCAD – Basic Bearing – Sketched?

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    As far as practice excersizes go a basic bearing is a great one to learn basic concpets on OpenSCAD. This tutorial takes a differenct approach and uses the 2d Subsystem…

  • use ;

    Makes the contents of a library available to the current script. If you have a model that is a basic shape that you would like to utilize in other models…

  • let() – Set a variable

    Re-Assign the value of a variable for the contained scope.

  • Move Along

    I hope for this site to become a useful addendum to the Official OpenSCAD.org site. However, for now, and the foreseeable future it is quite useless, a mere curiosity. It…