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Organized by skill level

The cheat sheet over at is terrific. You might want to check that out first. This version is focused on the beginner user and is organized with that in mind.

3D Primitives

Command LayoutCommand Example
sphere( radius | diameter );sphere ( 10 );
cube ( size, center );cube (10, center=true );
cube ( [width,depth,height],center);cube( 10,20,7 );
cylinder( height, radius, center );cylinder( 10,2,center=false );
cylinder( h, r1, r2, center );cylinder( 10,5,1,center=true );

2D Primitives

Command LayoutCommand Example
circle( radius);circle( 10 );
square( size, center);square ( 8 , center = true );
square( [width, height],center)square ( [ 10,5 ], center = true );


translate( [x,y,z] );translate( [ 10,5,7 ] );Move the child object.
rotate([x,y,z]);rotate([3,4,3]);Rotate the child object
mirror([x,y,x]);Move the child object to its mirror
scale([x,y,x]);scale the child object

Boolean operations

union()create a union of all child objects
difference()subtract all child objects from the first

Flow Control

for(i = [start:step:end]) { geometries and transformations }

if( ){ geometries and transformation }

Object Resolution Variable

$fn = xx;

Debug and Edit Tools

These modifiers effect all child object under them.

* disable

! show only

# heading

% transparent

ie., to disable a single child object us : * child(); or for example a cube * cube( 10 );

to disable multiple objects enclose them in curly brackets {}

Advanced 3d Shapes


Advanced 2d Shapes


Advanced Transformations



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